How do you pick a waterproof cover for your water bottle reminder?

So, you’ve got your trusty water bottle reminder to keep you hydrated, but it needs some protection from water, right? Choosing the right waterproof cover is key to keeping your reminder in good shape and lasting longer.


This guide breaks it down in simple steps to help you find the perfect fit.

Measure Your Reminder

Start by figuring out the size and shape of your water bottle. Get out your measuring tape and measure the length, width, and depth of the device. Don’t forget to account for any buttons or screens sticking out. This information will help you pick a cover that fits just right.

Know Your Waterproofing Needs

Think about where you use your water bottle reminder the most. Do you get caught in heavy rain or deal with lots of splashes? Some covers offer better waterproofing than others. Check for waterproof ratings like IPX7 (submersion) or IPX4 (splash resistance) to match your needs.

Pick a material

Waterproof covers come in different materials, each with its own perks. Silicone is flexible, durable, and easy to clean. Neoprene offers good insulation. Plastic covers are lightweight and often clear, so you can still see your reminder’s display. Go with the material that suits your style and how you use it.

Look at the Closure

Make sure the waterproof cover you’re eyeing has a good way to close it up. Some use zippers; others use seals or snaps. Check how easy it is to open and close, and make sure it keeps water out effectively.

Think About Extras

Some covers come with handy extras. Look for ones with built-in clips or holes for attaching to your bag or clothes. Transparent windows can also be a plus, so you can see and use your water bottle reminder without taking it out of the cover.

Read Reviews

Before making a decision, read what other people say about the waterproof covers you’re considering. Real user reviews can give you the lowdown on how these covers perform in the real world.

Buy and Test

Once you’ve found the right waterproof cover, go ahead and buy it. When it arrives, try it out with your water bottle reminder to make sure it fits and works as it should. Test its water resistance by exposing it to some water or wet conditions to be sure it does the job.


Picking the perfect waterproof cover for your water bottle is all about keeping it safe from water damage. Just follow these steps, think about your needs, and you’ll find a cover that keeps your reminder in top shape no matter where you go.