How To Start and Use a Jump-N-Carry 12V Jump Starter

Getting stuck while traveling and, even worse, in a deserted place can be a nightmare. Taking precautions beforehand, like getting a jump starter, will save you a lot of trouble and time. The Jump-N-Carry 12V Jump Starter is an investment worth making and will leave you with zero worries about getting stuck with a dead car.

The Jump-N-Carry jump starter (JNC) is designed with high-quality and simple features to help car drivers get their batter running in no time. Their user manual and precautions are easy for you and other consumers to understand, hence will require little effort to use. The Jump-N-Carry has a lot of popularity in the market as they provide a unique vibe and high consumer quality.

Features and The Design of The JNC Jump Starter

This jump starter is loaded with many features to improve the convenience and functionality of this brand. Jump-N-Carry starter has the following features;

  1. Battery technology with a Clore Proformer
  2. Clamps with industrial-grade quality
  3. Automatic charging
  4. Power outlets with 12VDC voltage
  5. Built-in charger
  6. 1700 Amperes of electric charge
  7. Welding cables with 46″ #2 AWG
  8. 425 Cranking Amps

In addition, JNC provides a one-year warranty with an added feature of charge status in voltmeters on the battery.

How to Use the Jump-N-Carry 12V Jump Starter

Before using the jump starter, you must know your car battery is dead. Your car battery is dead if;

  1. The car makes a clicking noise when turned on but won’t start
  2. If your headlights have a dim light or refuse to turn on.
  3. When the car dies after starting for a while. You may also notice the flickering of the dashboard lights.

Using the starter is a simple process. You, however, need to read the user manual beforehand and take the necessary precautions.

Steps to Follow

  1. You should wear protective clothing and remove any jewelry in your surroundings. Ensure that nothing flammable is also around you.
  2. Keep the starter far away from the car battery and separate them as far as possible.
  3. Countercheck the power and voltage sources and ensure they fit your car specifications. Ensure your car’s ignition is off, and the key is not in the engine.
  4. Your JNC jump starter should be off when connecting the wire ends to the battery. Connect the positive and negative terminals to their respective places.
  5. Ensure that the terminals are tightly placed around the battery and turn on the jump starter.
  6. Turn on the starter in intervals of 5 seconds while checking if the car is working. Please do not turn it on again immediately after the 5 seconds. Wait for approximately two minutes before trying again.
  7. If your engine starts, turn off the starter and store it in a safe place. Do not drive away immediately. Wait for a few minutes before starting your engine again.


Investing in the Jump-N-Carry jump starter means choosing convenience. With its high quality and great features, you will never have to get worried about your car’s battery dying out. They offer functionality, affordability, and effectiveness all in one.