Knowing When It’s Time to Swap Out Your Artisan Keycaps: The Guide

You’ve decked out your mechanical keyboard with those fancy artisan keycaps, but now you’re wondering when to give them the swap. We’ve got your back.


Here’s the guide on when it’s time to think about switching up those artisan keycaps:

Wear and Tear You Can See

The first sign that your artisan keycaps are on their way out is when you can see the wear and tear. If they’ve got scratches or the colors are fading, it’s a sign they’ve seen a change. Artisan keycaps are all about looks, so when they lose their charm, it’s time to think about new ones.

A Little Too Loose or Wobbly

If you’ve noticed that a keycap is starting to feel loose or wobbly, it could mean the stem or mount is wearing down. Loose keycaps can mess with your typing, and DIY fixes like glue might not cut it in the long run. It might be time for a fresh set.

Cracks or breaks

Cracked or broken artisan keycaps are a consideration for replacement. Not only do they mess with the aesthetics, but they can also mess with how your keyboard works. A broken keycap can be a real buzzkill for typing.

Texture or feel just ain’t right

Artisan keycaps often have cool textures or finishes that add to the typing experience. If you notice that the texture or feel has changed due to wear or damage, it’s a sign you might need new keycaps. Typing should be a delight after the change.

Ghost Keypresses

When a keycap stops being responsive and doesn’t stick to your keypresses reliably, it’s a big hint that it’s time to replace it. This issue can happen when the keycap’s stem or contact points get messed up.

Cracked stems or mounts

Take a peek underneath your keycaps. If you spot any cracks or signs of stress on the stems or mounts, it’s best to swap out that keycap. A cracked stem can lead to bigger problems down the line and even damage the switch below.

Changing Style Tastes

Sometimes, you don’t need a practical reason to replace your artisan keycaps; it’s all about style. As keyboard aficionados, our style evolves.

If you’re just not feeling your keycap design anymore, it’s cool to swap them out for something fresh that matches your vibe.

Consider the value

Before you hit the replace button, think about the value of your artisan keycaps. If you’ve got some rare or limited-edition ones, it might be worth hanging onto them even if they’re showing wear.

In such cases, think about replacing them with a similar set to keep your keyboard looking slick.


In a nutshell, replacing your artisan keycaps is a mix of wear, damage, functionality, and personal preference. Spotting the signs of wear early helps you decide when it’s time to give them the boot, so your keyboard stays both good-looking and functional.
Whether it’s to improve your typing experience or give your keyboard a style makeover, knowing when to switch out those artisan keycaps is key.